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Speak Japanese Fluently

Speak Japanese Fluently

Learn To Speak Japanese Fluently And Confidently In Less Than 60 Days - Intermediate Level Japanese Multimedia Course.

Review of Speak Japanese Fluently

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This course bills itself as the web's only intermediate level Japanese language course. It is multimedia course aimed people who are studying Japanese but struggling, or who are having trouble conversing in Japanese, or who are simply afraid of sounding stupid when practising Japanese.

The intent of the course is to help students progress beyond the basics and start speaking and communicating in Japanese. The materials aims to help students learn new words and expressions, improve their listening skills, and even master Hiragana and hundreds of Kanji. Eventually students should be able to engage in conversations in a range of social settings, and even impress native Japanese speakers with speaking ability.

An important part of the design of this course, is the author not only lived for 10 years in Japan, has taught Japanese for 4 years, and has recognized that with existing course materials, many students of the language struggle to progress beyond the basics of the language. This course is however designed to help students achieve success by being based on real-life experience in Japan, and by including 32 screen-capture video tutorials explaining spoken Japanese in real life settings.

Purchasing this course gives access to the following materials:
  1. Speak Japanese Fluently eBook (95 pages) with lessons written in Hiragana, Kanji, and Romaji

  2. 32 video tutorial lessons to help you speak Japanese fluently

  3. Listening Drills to develop your ear, and practise normally difficult Japanese set expressions and service talk

  4. Speaking Drills so you easily memorize hundreds of phrases with “Listen and Repeat” drills

  5. Example Conversations: Each lesson topic includes recording of a real life conversation

  6. Bonus Lesson Introductions: Each lesson begins with a Japanese language introduction, providing yet more listening practice

  7. A members area, password protected, which you can visit as often as you like

  8. Additional bonus item may also be included with the package as well - please check the vendor's website for current details.

Purchase Information for Speak Japanese Fluently

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Provided you choose to purchase Speak Japanese Fluently via ClickBank:
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    Speak Japanese Fluently is available to purchase from ClickBank. ClickBank accepts most major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal
To purchase this product via ClickBank, simply click through to the Speak Japanese Fluently website and follow the payment or ordering instructions. In the case of most vendors, there should only be one Order/Payment/Add-to-Cart button which will then lead you to the ClickBank secure order form. If however the vendor offers a choice of payment methods, make sure you choose ClickBank. If you are unsure, or are unable to locate the ClickBank payment button, you should contact the vendor before ordering.

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