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Math eBooks and Downloads

Math downloads may include a variety of items, including tools for math teachers, software and downloads for helping with math practice, and tutorials offering advice and ideas for improving math skills.

Please select the math download or web site of interest:
  • DirectMath

    Mathematical word processor and drawing program.

    Want to learn more about DirectMath?

  • Fun with Figures
    Fun with Figures

    Teaches mental math short-cuts

    Want to learn more about Fun with Figures?

  • Making Math More Fun
    Making Math More Fun

    Fun math games for kids

       Making Math More Fun Review

    Want to learn more about Making Math More Fun?

  • Math Riddle Book
    The Math Riddle Book

    Math practice for kids.

       The Math Riddle Book Review

    Want to learn more about The Math Riddle Book?

If you have anything you would like to say about any of these math products, please leave a comment either on this page, or on the individual product's review page.


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